On Finding One’s Way

Du Juan

I asked the orchid, “What is everyday Tao?” The orchid answered, “Nothing special, really.”

We do not hear nature boasting about being nature, nor water holding a conference on the technique of flowing. So much rhetoric would be wasted on those who have no use for it. The man of Tao lives in the Tao, like a fish in water. If we try to teach the fish that water is physically compounded of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, the fish will laugh its head off.

Al Chung-liag Huang
Introduction to Alan WattsTao: The Watercourse Way (1975)

Photo by Wing Shya: Du Juan (2011)


One thought on “On Finding One’s Way

  1. Jesus, possibly the most misquoted, misunderstood prophet ever, said something like this, about the lillies of the valley ‘spinning’, just being. This reminded me of that.

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