On Homophobes

Discus thrower, circa 1935

ALEX HALEY, interviewer: Having disposed of Jews and Negroes, would that complete your list of those slotted for removal?

GEORGE LINCOLN ROCKWELL, founder of the American Nazi Party: Not quite. I’d also purge the queers. I despise them worst of all. They’re one of the ugliest problems of our society, and they must be removed – I don’t know if with gas, or what, just so they don’t poison society. If they insist on being queers, put them on some island maybe – but certainly not around the rest of society. They’re the ultimate symbol of a decaying civilization.

Playboy interview, April 1966

At the risk of being accused of fruity tendencies, I must insist that, as a work of straight art, the well-muscled male figure is far superior to that of the blubbery looking female.

George Lincoln Rockwell
This Time the World (1961)

Photo by Kurt Reichert, circa 1935


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