Can You Spot the Male-Dominated Culture?

Cartoon by Malcolm Evans: Woman in bikini, on woman in burka: 'Everything covered but her eyes. What a cruel male-dominated culture!' Woman in burka, on woman in bikini: 'Nothing covered but her eyes. What a cruel male-dominated culture!'

Cartoon by Malcolm Evans (2011)


3 thoughts on “Can You Spot the Male-Dominated Culture?

  1. Yep. If they both decide not to wear what they’re currently wearing and change into, say, a normal dress instead, one of those women could end up facing dire consequences.

    That’s the male-dominated culture.

    • You’re right of course, because all 27 countries in the Middle East have the same laws for how women should dress. Not to mention all the European countries in which practicing Muslim women choose to wear the niqab. Because religious dress isn’t a choice at all, and the stipulation in Islamic scripture that states that wearing the niqab or the hijab has to be a personal choice lest it lose its religious value is not actually a thing. And it’s crazy to think a woman would actively choose to be observant and dress in a way that she sees as following her religion or, at the very least, makes her feel comfortable.

      You’re right, what a male-dominated culture.

      • Zelda, you’re now picking a choosing which Muslim country this woman is now from in order for the cartoon to make sense? There are areas in which muslim women freely choose to wear a niqab. There are also areas of the world in which no choice is given and dire consequences can be met if they choose not to wear it. Now tell me, where in the world is a woman FORCED to wear a bikini? They aren’t even comparable in the least.

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