Two Media Fictions

I think the whole idea of a conservative bent in the United States is a media fiction. There are two important media fictions that you have to see through to comprehend life in the United States. One of them is the constant drone of these guys, who are basically right-wing operatives, who go on television and complain about the liberal media bias. This simply doesn’t exist, because all the media are owned by right-wing guys. There’s no liberal media bias there. That’s a straw man that has been constructed. When they constructed it, the idea was that, “Oh! If there’s a liberal media bias, we must balance it by having more right wing content in our programming,” thereby giving them the license to OBEYsaturate and spin-doctor all the news that comes to you. I don’t think that the sentiment of the population really is the way that television would convince you things are. The whole
goal – especially in news broadcasting – is to convince anybody watching that all things connected with the Republican Party are good and all things not connected with the Republican Party are bad. That’s the subtext of all of this. No matter what it is, if it’s not of the Republican species, it’s bad.

Frank Zappa, interviewed by Don Menn
Guitar Player Magazine, 1992


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