Sex and Souls

The Crying Game

An individual’s gender role and orientation as boy or girl, man or woman, does not have an innate, preformed instinctive basis as some theorists have maintained. Instead the evidence supports the view that psychologic sex is undifferentiated at birth – a sexual neutrality one might say – and that the individual becomes psychologically differentiated as masculine or feminine in the course of the many experiences of growing up.

John L. Hampson, American psychologist/sexologist, 1955

Once I was taken to a nightclub and I said, “I have never seen so many beautiful women in my life.” My escort  said, “Those aren’t women, they’re men.” I was puzzled for days after.

Hedy Lamarr, Austrian-American actress, 1966

Can it be true, what is so constantly affirmed, that there is no sex in souls? I doubt it; I doubt it exceedingly.

Samuel Coleridge, English poet, 1827

Screen capture: Jaye Davidson and Stephen Rea in Neil Jordan’s The Crying Game (1992)

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