Where to Begin?

Where to begin?

This thing has a bunch of posts. Where to begin?

I like these:

The World Will Be Created Today (Samuel Beckett)

For Charles Bukowski’s Birthday

Angels in the Midst of the Inferno (Italo Calvino)

Love with a Light Touch (Quentin Crisp)

You Are the Heroes of the Hour (Quentin Crisp)

The Joy of Loneliness (The Dhammapada)

So We Live Past Hope (Tony Kushner)

On “Reality” (Vladimir Nabokov)

Is Writing Just a Low-Tech Form of Tweeting? (Tom Rachman)

My Fellow Sufferers (Arthur Schopenhauer)

The Myth of the Heterosexual (Gore Vidal)

On God (Alan Watts)

Can You Repeat the Question? (Ludwig Wittgenstein)

2 thoughts on “Where to Begin?

  1. If this blog is representative of your brain, then I must say that we share the exact same thoughts. I’ve never heard of any of those posts before today, and now that I did, I feel less lonely… and a little strange for having thought by myself of the same things before reading it from others fellows.

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