Rookie Mistake

Lovers Beneath a Streetlight

most of us love from our need to love
not because we find someone deserving

Nikki Giovanni
From The Women Gather (1983)
The Collected Poetry of Nikki Giovanni: 1968-1998

Photo by BrassaïLovers Beneath a Streetlight (1932)

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On Happiness

Professor Louis Dimier, Member of the Institute, on the bank of the Seine, Paris, 1931-1932

There’s no such thing as happiness, only concentration. When you’re concentrated, you’re happy. Also, when you’re not thinking about yourself a lot, you’re usually happy.

Al Pacino
Rolling Stone interview, 1984

Photo by Brassaï: Professor Louis Dimier, member of the Institute, on the bank of the Seine: Paris, 1931-1932