This Is It

Gore Vidal, 1992

Because there is no cosmic point to the life that each of us perceives on this distant bit of dust at galaxy’s edge, all the more reason for us to maintain in proper balance what we have here. Because there is nothing else. No thing. This is it. And quite enough, all in all.

Gore Vidal
Armageddon? (1987)
Imperial America: Reflections on the United States of Amnesia

On Sex and Sublimation

Watercolor by Auguste Rodin: The Devil or Milton (c. 1900)

Sexual energy not used by homosexuals for procreation, as it is by heterosexuals, should be channelized elsewhere where its ends can be creativity.

Harry Hay, 1951

Sex is. There is nothing more to be done about it. Sex builds no roads, writes no novels and sex certainly gives no meaning to anything in life but itself.

Gore Vidal, 1960

Watercolor by Auguste Rodin: The Devil or Milton, c. 1900

On Writing

The Letter

It is a sign of wisdom to recognize one’s own pettiness and not only to surrender vanity to death, which means to take it anyway, but to do so with deliberate grace as exemplar to the young upon whom our race’s fragile continuity, which is all there is, depends. I should have thought that that was why one wrote – to make something useful for the survivors, to say: I was and now you are, and I leave you as good a map as I could make of my own traveling.

Gore Vidal
John Dos Passos at Midcentury (1961)
United States: Essays 1952-1992

Photo by Jan SaudekThe Letter (1975)