Smelling Is Desiring

Photo by Beata Wilczek

The nose is really a sexual organ. Smelling. Is. Desiring.

We have five senses, but only two that go beyond the boundaries of ourselves. When you look at someone, it’s just bouncing light, or when you hear them, it’s just sound waves, vibrating air, or touch is just nerve endings tingling…

Know what a smell is? It’s made of the molecules of what you’re smelling. Some part of you, where you meet the air, is airborne. Little molecules of you…Up my nose.

Mmmm…Nice, Try it. Inhale…


Smelling. And tasting. First the nose, then the tongue. They work as a team, see. The nose tells the body – the heart, the mind, the fingers, the cock – what it wants, and then the tongue explores, finding out what’s edible, what isn’t, what’s most mineral, food for the blood, food for the bones, and therefore most delectable…

Salt…Mmm. Iron. Clay…Chlorine. Copper. Earth…

What does that taste like?…

It tastes like ”nighttime”?…


From Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America (1991)

Photo by Beata Wilczek

This Is Why You’ll Always Return

Life is precious, every minute
And more precious with you in it.

Music: Little Person
Written by Charlie Kaufman and Jon Brion
Performed by Deanna Story
Synecdoche, New York (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2008)

For you.

On Loving the Universe

Self-portrait of photographer Ben Canales (and the Milky Way) on Oregon's South Sister volcano (2012)

C’est Foi dans la langue du ciel,
Amour dans la langue des hommes.

“Faith” in the language of heaven, is
“Love” in the language of men.

Victor Hugo

Photo: Self-portrait of photographer Ben Canales (and the Milky Way) on Oregon’s South Sister volcano (2012)

happy birthday

Painting by Henri Matisse: The Joy of Life (1905-06)

But feel, to the very end, the triumph of being alive!

“Jöns” in Ingmar Bergman’s The Seventh Seal (1957)

Painting by Henri MatisseThe Joy of Life (1905-06)

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